The order cost depends on size and shape of front panel, on complexity of circuitry, on indication elements and number of the items to be produced, and on provided materials (files, drawings, specimens).

The price calculation takes into account pre-production and production cost.

The production cost includes expenses for printing, assembling, and quality control of front panels and keyboards. The pre-production cost includes design, planning of electrical interconnection layout and its connection with front panel elements, production of photomasks and stencils necessary for printing as well as stencils and dies for cutting out of both holes and items themselves. (In case of reorder this cost is excluded from the price.)

Pricing information

No Reference conditions Notes for order request
1 Production Mention what kind of product you need: front panels or keyboards
2 Order volume Number of items
3 Overall dimensions Main overall dimensions of the front panel
4 Front panel image, circuit diagram For the order cost computation it is enough to provide the front panel draft.
By contract execution the customer should provide the draft of the front panel with basic sizes and the electrical interconnection diagram or the principal circuit diagram (only for keyboards). If the documents are prepared electronically, it is better to provide images in Corel Draw 9, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand 9
5 Number of keys The number of keys on the front panel
6 Number of indicators The number of light-emitting diode and displays
7 Preferred colours The colours you would prefer to use. If you already decided what the colours of separate areas, its elements and legends should be, you should note it on the sketch or draft. To create the full-coloured images we use the colour-grade according to the Panton system.
8 Font colour and size Note if there are any special requirements for the font of the legends. It is necessary to mention, what font is preferred.
9   Note if the tactile effect at pressing the key is important. The tactile effect can be created by:

1. By using special metal membranes, which close the contact between conductive areas when pressed;

2. By forming the dome-shaped keys.

Production of moulded dome-shaped keys, which provide tactile effect, raises the cost of the front panel. That is why it is better to create the tactile effect, if the keys are used often or if the keyboard is used in bad light conditions.
10 Special lighting Note if the electroluminescent lighting should be used based on the Du Pont pastes. To create the electroluminescent effect it is necessary to supply the EL paste layer with alternating voltage of 100 V at the frequency of 400-500 Hz.
If the devices are for medical use, this variant cannot be applied because of the high supply voltage. According to the special requirements the necessary lighting is created with the help of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).