About Company

Since 1992 MST Company has been producing membranous panels and keyboards for different instrument engineering industries and electronic control systems.

Our experienced engineers, modern equipment and technology on basis of company’s own typography allow realizing the full circle of fabrication — from development to final product.

The range of our products

Besides the instrument (front) panels and membranous keyboards we offer the production of control labels, keyboard stickers for notebooks. They all will be manufactured with the use of silk screen printing according to customer’s specifications.


Our specialists will always help you with choice of material (polycarbonate, PVC) and with necessity to use metal dome (steel membrane) in case of tactile effect.

Main advantages of our production:

  • flexibility;
  • ow weight;
  • dust protection;
  • moisture protection;
  • wide temperature range
    (from -60 up to +130°С or from –76 up to +266°F);
  • antiglareness;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • any shape of keys: circle, ellipse, square, etc.;
  • symbol relief drawing on the key upper side is possible.

For better perception the membranous keyboards may include:
  • electroluminescent lighting of various elements;
  • tactile effect of key operation;
  • front panel window toning with wide range of colours and with
        certain transparency factor;
  • LED usage;

Good combination of text and colour drawing on flexible keyboards and front panels provides comfortable work and reduces the personnel’s fatigability.

Free sample sending

We offer sending of free samples of our production (front panel, keyboard, labels) upon your request containing the name of your company and delivery address.

Regular customers, good contact with suppliers, search for new technologies - it’s our style.

Currently we have many instrument-making companies from Russia, CIS and Western European countries as our customers. Being aimed at development, we offer you to become our representatives in the regions of Russia and in foreign countries. We also would be glad to see your companies as partners in new technology development. On any matters of co-operation please write here: klava@keyspb.ru